Board Members

ExecutiveDirector - Beverly Van Houten

President - Marie Cull

VicePresident - Meredith Mucci

Secretary - Kathy Campbell

Treasurer - Ann Hester

Special Committee Chairs:

Membership - Kathy Phelps and Karen Liebman

Fundraising - Fran Hawkins Wells and Karen Doyle

Education - Lisa Cochran and Carrie Cottew

Public Relations - Jeri Mayes

Scholarship - Billie Lee and Fran Hawkins Wells


Our History


COCO was  founded by a group of friends in memory of Debi Furnish, who died of Ovarian Cancer in 2005, nine months after she was diagnosed.  We also lost a classmate to Ovarian Cancer, Ellen Liebman on December 26, 2005.  These two losses, so close together,prompted a lot of discussion about ovarian cancer.  The more we talked to people, the more we were struck by the lack of knowledge most women have about this disease.  We decided to form an organization to fight for a cure and to raise awareness.  We did our homework and drew from the community to bring together a dynamic group of women - women who are already busy and active in the community, but who share our commitment and energy.  This group first met in November of 2006.  From there we were off and running.  Our first official function was in September of 2007. Since 2009, C.O.C.O. has awarded over $90k in research funding the University of Kentucky ovarian cancer screening program. 

We are an affiliate of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  OCNA began in September 1997, as leaders from seven ovarian cancer groups joined forces to establish a coordinated national effort to place ovarian cancer education, policy and research issues prominently on the agendas of national policy makers and women's health care leaders. It is the nation’s voice for ovarian cancer issues; uniting activists, women’s health advocates and health care professionals in the effort to increase public and professional understanding of ovarian cancer and to advocate for more effective diagnostics, treatments and a cure.